Theatre of Static Object

is a concept of performance created in 2016 by two artists—Martin Piaček and Matěj Smetana—and a theorist Ján Kralovič. Theatre of Static Object is a form of live collective presentation of object art, which uses the elements of theatre and scenic possibilities. Each object is presented on stage for the same period of time—3 minutes. Individual art objects are static (invariable, non-processual, non-performative), focused on the possibility of their short-term installation. The object and the viewers are clearly separated and the author of the work relies on the impossibility of the viewer’s movement and his/her stable position. Individual works are presented one by one, in equal time intervals and always with a short break for the installation of the following work. The presentation is introduced by a short information text and it continues without an accompanying commentary. Before the show, the viewers in the auditorium receive the programme with the names of the authors, their works and brief annotations.